We can provide a full service including faultless AI hardware installation and ongoing support. If you want to integrate third-party hardware you may need an integrator depending on the equipment you have. Many of our customers prefer to install the physical faultless AI hardware themselves, it's very easy to do.

We currently have a short waiting list so we recommend getting your order in now. We can usually complete a full install from start to finish inside two weeks but it will depend on the complexity of your application.

We would like to discuss that in person but you will find our pricing very competitive.

Yes! We offer support on a rolling contract that lasts as long as you want it to. Faultless AI is designed to support production changes quickly because we know how dynamic manufacturing can be. We can even offer remote diagnostic and update services if you provide an internet connection.

We embrace and comply with GDPR which safeguards the rights of workers. The core faultless AI product provides all information as feedback directly to the employee as they work and any data storage is optional.

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