Faultless attention to detail

Imagine if your people had superhuman attention to detail. Getting it right first time, every time. Reducing rework and spotting issues before quality checks.

Introducing Faultless AI

Faultless AI teams your people with advanced AI.

The AI helps your people catch issues before they become problems, reducing errors and rework while increasing productivity.

The right feedback at the right time.

Our system collaborates with operators, combining salient feedback with information gathered using computer vision. We highlight issues as they arise and guide operators towards the best possible results.

Fewer faults forward

Faultless AI means fewer faults forward and less rework.

Errors compound. More tasks means more errors. To thrive, your entire team needs to be in top form, always. Fewer errors into quality checks means fewer that sneak through.

People are awesome, but nobody's perfect.

Distractions, boredom, hangovers - people make mistakes for all sorts of reasons. People can only ever be themselves and with Faultless AI on the team, they can always be their best selves.


A typical assembly line

Who we are

We’re a psychology startup with deep-tech roots in the manufacturing industry.

Our CEO is a mechanical engineer with vision and over a decade of experience working with the big names like Ford, Ricardo and Jaguar Land Rover.

Our CTO is a psychologist/computer programming ninja whose work has already saved lives and he is passionate about building products that help people.