What is faultless AI?

Faultless AI is flexible and reliable computer vision made easy.

Computer vision flexible enough to understand how your products are being built in real-time with just one small camera. Now you can eliminate mistakes at the source with instant feedback that gives your staff faultless attention to detail exactly when they need it. Faultless AI is reliable enough to work in your factory without any special lighting rigs or component fixtures, you don’t even need to wait while it takes a photo. Best of all faultless AI is easy, we can make a difference from day one and make updates in hours as your products evolve.


What can faultless AI do for me?

Faultless build quality every time.

Boost quality and productivity by eliminating mistakes on the factory floor. No more missing parts, loose bolts or misbuilds. Think of the most reliable person you know, give them a complete understanding of your build process and set them to work helping your staff. Faultless AI is that multiplied. Here are some of the services we can provide:


Parts in place and confirmed:

Confirm each part is in the right place as it goes in. Have confidence with mission-critical parts and avoid the pain of trying to inspect or rework hard to reach parts later.


Sequence control:

The order of steps matters, from bolt rundown sequence to using alignment tools at critical steps. Faultless AI makes sure it was done the right way, as it happens.


Manage complexity:

Always build to match the order. Not just the right parts and sequence, faultless AI can make sure it’s the right combination for the build where complexity is an issue.

What does installing faultless AI involve?

The hardware is easy, just share your build process with us for the rest.

Simply mount our small camera anywhere with a clear view and up to 15 meters away from the control PC. We usually recommend a screen to give workers immediate feedback but there are other options, including wearables. OPC UA is available just in case you have any special equipment you want to integrate. Once we have some data about your parts and processes we train the AI to hit the ground running and we will be there to make sure it does.


Who we are

We’re a psychology startup with deep-tech roots in the manufacturing industry.


Nigel Boielle

Our CEO is a mechanical engineer with vision and a decade of experience troubleshooting products and factories owned by some of the biggest names in automotive.


Steve Gaukrodger

Our CTO is a psychologist/computer programming ninja whose work has already saved lives and he is passionate about building products that help people.

Get in touch with Nigel and let him show you how you can easily boost your factories productivity now.